Episode 18 - Problem Players

Grant, Peter, and Branden take on a listener question about problem players! First, Grant talks about finding a church, and Branden talks about moving. Then we dive into Scripture and our topic, which comes to us via a listener question: "Could you guys maybe do talk about how to deal with "that guy" and what the Bible says about those situations?” We can indeed! We talk about various categories of "problem" players, how to deal with those problem players at your table, and how to avoid being a problem player yourself. Enjoy!

Scripture: Nehemiah 1:8-9Philippians 2:3

Episode 17 - Lines and Veils

It's only Grant and Peter for this episode, but that's not stopping us from handling an important topic: Lines and veils! We explain the concept and its history; talk about some common examples of "trigger warning" material; weigh player transgressions of these lines and veils against GM transgressions; and discuss how to implement them in your game. We also hit on a few other intermediate points.

Scripture: Proverbs 22:3Philippians 4:8