Bonus Episode 4 - Brandon Tells A Story

BIG NEWS: Branden will be a Save Against Fear 2014! If you're not familiar with SAFe and The Bodhana Group, take a listen to Episode 25, "Therapeutic Roleplaying (with Jack Berkenstock)".

This should be our last bonus episode for a bit—Grant will be back next episode—but Peter and Branden wanted to take some of the work we've done in our Science of Storytelling series and apply it to a real campaign pitch, with multiple demands from virtual players (all played by Peter) and Branden as the GM. Enjoy!

Scripture: Proverbs 4:13, Luke 6:40

Bonus Episode 3 - Story Ideas

Peter and Branden take a break from the usual episode sequence to talk about their story and game ideas that haven't made it to the table yet! We also plug Save Against Fear 2014, in Lancaster, PA, September 12-14. (Branden might actually be able to go!)

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:9