Episode 124 - Roleplaying in Mass Combat

We're back with a follow-up to our previous episode on mass combat! This time around, we're talking about actually roleplaying in a mass combat scenario, and treating war and conflict as a setting for more traditional roleplaying. First, though, we plug Peter's blog posts, and especially his heavy metal D&D setting design series and his most recent post on Horvu. (Happy Horvu, everyone!) We then tackle a question from Patreon supporter Richard, who asks us about Bible stories as one-shot games.

After our Scripture reading, and making fun of Grant's inability to upload the correct file for STG 123, we dive right into mass combat as a roleplaying setting and opportunity. We make sure to include plenty of examples, and touch on a few common pitfalls as well. Enjoy!

Scripture: Judges 12:4-6, Jeremiah 51:27-29, 2 Timothy 2:3-7

Episode 123 - Making Mass Combat Interesting

(Fixed audio.) This episode's conversation about mass combat—a topic selected by our Patreon supporters—turned out to be so big, we're following this one up with another episode on a related topic next time! Before that, though, we've got a lot of other things to discuss: The holidays, and especially all the games we played and picked up over the Christmas break. We talk a bit more about our Patreon and the need to change things somewhat as we move forward into 2018 (leave your comments on that below.) We also send our congratulations and prayers to Mike Perna and his family as they welcome their son into the world; and we send our condolences to the family and friends of Pat Roper, longtime Fear the Boot host, who passed away just after Christmas.

Our Patreon question this week comes from Paige, who asks "Is there a game/campaign/thing you wish you could run, but you don't feel skilled enough to do it?" The answer: Oh my yes. All that having finally been taken care of, we do eventually get to our main topic: Making interesting mass combat scenarios as part of your ongoing roleplaying game campaign.

Scripture: Exodus 17:8-13, Joshua 6:1-5, Ephesians 6:10-17