Episode 129 - Support Characters

Gamer and pastor Tim Decker of Christ Community Etc in Owosso, MI joins us to talk about playing support characters in our roleplaying games, in response to the eternal complaints of players who don't want to play the cleric! We also discuss how to end a game that's stopped being fun without any hard feelings, as Grant's Fellowship group did, and the conclusion of Jenny's "moidah mystery" prequel to Keep on the Borderlands. We also spend quite a lot of time answering Patreon backer "ComposerDad", who asks whether gaming groups share the same unifying, cross-subcultural nature of churches. Once that's done, we dive deep into ways to make those "boring" support characters into something more interesting than a healbot. Enjoy!

Also mentioned in this episode: STG 95, "Hospitality".

Scripture: Exodus 17:8-13Hebrews 13:15-16Luke 10:36-37

Episode 128 - Sainthood

We're back with a surprisingly focused episode on sainthood thanks to Jenny's hard work and research! We've only a little bit of off-topic material to discuss: A quick word about the list of questions our Patrons send in, and a brief diversion to discuss Nintendo's Koi Koi game played with hanafuda cards. We also answer Patreon supporter Tom Stephens's question about the one place in the world we'd go, if we could go anywhere at all.

After that's done, it's time for a deep dive into sainthood. After all, we'd eventually like to do a full series on individual saints and important Church figures; but we figured we'd need a primer on sainthood first, and Jenny definitely provided! Her research covers what a 'saint' is, how one becomes a canonized saint in the Roman Catholic church, and much more. We also discuss the use of saints as a concept for games and worldbuilding.

Resources: The Anglican Communion's Lambeth Conference documents; other Anglican liturgical texts; and STG 107, "Relics and Holy Items". Plus, the Friends at the Table podcast Jenny mentioned!

Scripture: Psalm 16:1-3Romans 8:26-30Revelation 5:6-8 (all NASB this time)