STG 133 - Getting Started as a GM

It's a perfectly normal episode, without guests or con recaps or anything - what even is this? It's an episode about getting your feet wet as a GM, that's what! After our usual banter, including Jenny's sudden appearance in Grant's D&D game, we answer a question from Patreon supporter Shawn, who asks us about our perfect gaming room. Then we get into our main topic with a variety of suggestions for people considering running their own game for the first time.

Some resources for new GMs: Peter's "I Want To GM" blog post; Gnome Stew; Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast; Robin D. Laws's Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering; Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management by Phil Vecchione and Walt Ciechanowski; and Matthew Colville's Running the Game series on YouTube.

Scripture: Psalm 37:30Matthew 23:11James 1:12

Bonus Episode 14 - Ottowa Comic Con and Other Things

It's time for another bonus episode, `cause we've got a convention to recap and gaming news to catch up on! Jenny went to Ottowa Comic Con 2018 this May, and she's got a lot of stories to tell! Aside from various panels and general geekery, she particularly liked Meeples To Go, Cardamajig's The Deck of Many (with art by Jordan Richer), Roe's Art, and Richard Dufault's collected cosplay photos at the con this year. And of course, everyone should check out Jenny's own cosplay pictures on her Twitter!

After the con recap, Grant plugs his wife Krissi and her appearances on the Gameable Saturday Morning Podcast to talk about Jem and the Holograms (Episode 45 for introduction and plot recaps, and Episode 46 for plot, setting, and character breakdowns.) He also discusses his 200 Word RPG Challenge entry (which can be read here.) Then we break down into catching up on important plot events and gaming lessons from our own games, as we try to tackle a bunch of little talking points we couldn't get to while we had guests on over the past few episodes. Enjoy!