Episode 81 - Fear

March 22, 2016

Grant's second child is here and everybody is doing well!

Grant and Peter discuss some recent news, including Gamerati's taking over of RPGpodcasts.com (a very good thing) and the upcoming Tavern Con and Electric City Comic Con, then get down to discussing the main topic: fear in RPGs. A lot of gaming groups have trouble handling fear in-game. Grant and Peter discuss some common reasons for the trouble and offer a number of potential solutions.


Tavern Con (no official link yet)

Episode 45 - Unity vs. Uniformity (With Ed Healy)

Stardew Valley

Electric City Comic Con

Gameable Pixar Podcast, Bonus episode 33: The Corpse Bride

Games Store Prophets Bonus Content: Darkest Dungeon

Scripture: Proverbs 9:10, Matthew 10:26-31, John 16:33, Luke 2:10