Episode 90 - The First Council of Nicaea (Historical Heresies 5)

July 26, 2016

After answering a short, fun, and humorous Patreon backer question, Grant and Peter dig into one of the most fascinating, important, and gameable events in all of church history: the First Council of Nicaea. In addition to establishing a lot of church orthodoxy that has lasted to the present day, it also gave us the Nicene Creed, and it was a unique and fascinating event in the history of the world.

Note: Listeners wanting full context for this episode should listen to Episode 89, "Arianism" first, as it provides a lot of the background for the events we cover in this episode.

Links: The Nicene Creed The Elenium, by David Eddings Our Patreon

Scripture: Isaiah 40:12, John 1:1-5