Episode 25 - Therapeutic Roleplaying (with Jack Berkenstock)

September 18, 2013

It's our distinct pleasure to welcome Jack Berkenstock of The Bodhana Group as a guest host for this episode! We give Jack plenty of time to talk about his group and their mission to help young victims and perpetrators of sexual trauma—a mission they're carrying out with tabletop roleplaying games as a crucial therapeutic tool. We also discuss the science and goals of therapeutic roleplaying and trauma therapy in general. Plus, we do our best to plug Save Against Fear, a three-day convention in Lancaster, PA from Oct. 11th-13th hosted by and fundraising for The Bodhana Group. A big list of everything Jack mentioned is below the fold, too.

We don't usually ask this, but please share this episode around. We want to get the word out about Save Against Fear in time for people to decide to go, and we want people to know about and support The Bodhana Group as well! Bodhana has a Facebook page and Twitter feed too, if that's your thing.

Scripture: Psalm 103:2-5, Luke 7:20-23, John 8:3-11, and Philippians 4:8

-- Rich Thomas from White Wolf Games (whose comment got this therapeutic roleplaying thing going,00:04:00) (@rich_thomas_ww)
-- Drama therapy
-- Everything Bad Is Good for You, by Steven Johnson
-- CAR-PGa
-- The Functions of Role Playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity, by Sarah Lynne Bowman
-- Meddling Kids by Pandahead Productions
-- The Trouble with Rose by Todd Zircher
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